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How To Choose Lighting For A Room: Living Room
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How To Choose Lighting For A Room: Living Room

The lighting you need in your home changes as you move from room to room. For example, the brightness required in a kitchen is not the same as the brightness you need in a bedroom. Each room or space in a household supports a different purpose; whether relaxing, working, cooking, or socializing, a light can make a big difference in how effective each space is. Adding in the right lighting can transform a home by creating welcoming interiors that you’ll want to spend even more time in.


This week we will cover how to light a living room using the most appropriate types of bulbs or light fittings to achieve the best level of brightness and warmth.


Best Lighting for a Living Room

Living rooms are intended to be a cozy and inviting zone; the perfect spot to unwind after work with your favorite TV show, or a welcoming area for sitting with friends and family and sharing conversation. It’s also an area for contemplation or reading, not a room which often contains vigorous activities or work tasks. Therefore, lighting in a living room needs to be bright enough to create a general and adequate level of light but also warm-toned for a cozier feel.


-    Use table lamps to create small spots of lighting for a more ambient feel.


-    Floor lamps are perfect for saving space and can be placed next to sofas for lighting while reading. We love this Tampa LED Torchiere light which has a secondary angled bulb for times that you want to see book pages more clearly.


-    Opt for warm-colored lampshades and light fittings that will add gentle tones and try soft-backed shades which create a softer feel.


-    If you have compatible lights, a dimmable bulb is perfect for a living room. Adjust brighter or darker, depending on your requirements.


-    Don’t forget that the living room is probably the room that most of your guests will see – choose a light which shows off your personality and style! Wow guests with an ornate chandelier or pendant, such as our Myrna Chandelier by designer Alexa Hampton.


-    Coolie lamp shades are a great option as they cast light wider at the base; pair with a table lamp near seating for ample light for reading and relaxing by.


-    Choose a light bulb with a Kelvin rating that has at least 2500K but no more than 4000K. These are an excellent middle-range warmth of bulb.




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