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European Interior Design Trends | Fringed Lighting
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European Interior Design Trends | Fringed Lighting

As a new feature to our weekly blog, we look to the European interior design fairs and trade shows for the latest trends and inspiration for home interior design ideas.

As you may have already spotted for 2019, emerging trends have included a resurgence of 70s nostalgia and 1970s styling, as European designers and interior stylists have found inspiration in the decade's textural and colorful elements. The 1970s was a period of expressing freedom and personalization, especially in home interior design, and so it's no surprise that designers have welcomed back the style of the era so wholeheartedly. The home fairs were filled with both subtle and obvious nods to the period, with warm, earthy color palettes, textural influences, and soft silhouettes. Furniture and home accessories in a 70s style include natural materials, such as bamboo, grass and natural woods, and upholstered in rich velvet or corduroy in decadent berry, mustard and mahogany tones.


Fringed Lighting and Fringed Lamp Shades

This year's style of lighting and lamp shades are influenced by this 1970s influence, and so the new trends have witnessed plenty of texture, and an abundance of 1970s fringing. Lamp shades feature rows of this decorative fringing, in luxe fabrics and an array of both muted and statement colors.

We love this inclusion of fringing on lamp shades as a more subtle nod to the 70s influence, adding color and texture inspired by the trend, without overpowering an existing design theme. Fringed lamp shades can be easily incorporated into a home without having to worry too much about how it will work with other elements.


How To Incorporate The Fringed Lighting Trend

Perfect for a statement table lamp, opt for a brightly colored, fringed lamp shade that will create a unique focal point whether switched on or off.

When switched on, the light will glow through the strands and creates a subtle and warm effect – perfect for recreating those chilled-out, 70s vibes.

Fringing also adds a luxe element; a decorative embellishment that is also reminiscent of 1930s luxury and art deco – a design movement that celebrated expensive and lavish adornments. Hence, pairing these textural fringed accents with plush velvets or pleats work well. Complement fringed details with other velvet accessories such as cushions or throws or opt for luxe materials on upholstered furniture.

To create a more contemporary look, choose more natural elements such as light woods or rattans – other materials that are also back in vogue with the 1970s style revival. Think beachy Moroccan retreats from the era of Bohemia, simplified for a more refined look.


Credits: Pinterest


Variations of Fringed Lamp Shade Styles

All over – an all-over fringed shade really packs a punch.


Credits: Pinterest


Partially fringed – a more subtle approach but still an effective way to create texture and interest. This is usually on the bottom edge of the shade.


Credits: Pinterest

Rows – tiered rows of fringe create a sculptural aesthetic.


Credits: Pinterest


Credits: Pinterest


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custom-lamp-shade-fringe-oriental-new-yorkCredits: Pinterest



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