Developing a Sophisticated Home Theme with Jade Table Lamps

Developing a Sophisticated Home Theme with Jade Table Lamps

Nothing demonstrates elegance quite like Jade Table Lamps. Adding this accessory to any room will make it look classy and wonderful. They fit perfectly with an oriental theme, and will make the room feel warm and comfortable.


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How to Make a Jade Table Lamp Stand Out Even More

Get a lampshade that fits it! Try a silk string lampshade, for instance. This will add even more class to a lamp that is already quite beautiful. Or, what about a traditional paper lampshade? You just never know until you look at the many options that are out there! Perhaps you want to add the class of a jade table lamp to your room, but you do not have an oriental theme. In this case, you may want to consider a regular bell lampshade instead. Jade lamps can set a room apart, and make people compliment you on the decor you have chosen for the room, but you must make sure the lampshade you are choosing to use doesn't take away from the look too much.

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Replacement lamp shades can change the look of a lamp completely. If you're tired of the look you have, try matching it up with oval lamp shade instead. The great thing with the jade lamps you already have a look that states class when someone sees it and decorating it with an appropriate lampshade will be a unique decorative flare you can call your own. If you do want to stick to an oriental theme, you have many oriental lampshade options that will easily work with your jade lamp.

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Look around online and compare the many choices you have. Don't settle for just one but keep a few in mind. Print out the picture of the lampshade you like the most and put in over your current lampshade. You will have to use your imagination, but this should help you decide what replacement lamp shade will look best for what you are trying to pull off in your room.


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