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Custom Lampshades: How We Create Laminated Lamp Shades
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Custom Lampshades: How We Create Laminated Lamp Shades

This week we explore the essential part of making hardback lamp shades - our specialty at Oriental Lamp Shade Company. All of our bespoke lamp shades are made in-house in a wide variety of different fabrics and styles, to suit just about any lamp base or light fitting. Whether conical or circular, satin or parchment, our skilled craftsman can create the perfect lamp shade for a multitude of lights and table lamps.


Read on below to discover the many steps that we take to create a unique hardback lamp shade.


The Hard Facts

Hard-back or laminated lampshades are made from parchment paper or fabrics which are then laminated onto styrene hard backing.This adherence onto a solid base gives the shape and form that characterizes a hardback lamp shade and gives these shades a rigid structure.The qualities of hardback lampshades mean that they are highly durable, easy to brush clean and hold their rigid shape for many years.



This style of firm lamp shade can either be finished on the top and bottom edges with a self-trim (the same fabric as the main body of the lamp shade), contrasting color trim, gimp edge (a decorative embellished trim), or rolled edge (turned in).






Contrasting Color Trim



Gimp Edge (decorative embellished trim)




Rolled Edge


Thanks to our bespoke lampshade craftsmanship, we can create lamp shades with any of these finishes on your chosen design.


Making a Hardback Lamp Shade

Hardback lampshades are made by forming the firm backed fabric or parchment into a circular form. This is done by fixing each piece into a top and bottom ring and then glued on one or more sides of the shade, creating a seam and setting the lamp shade in place.

The outer material of the lamp shade can be either translucent or opaque, depending on the intended design of the lampshade. The versatility of a hardback lamp shade means that a wide selection of fabrics can adhere to the plastic shade. We stock a range of European parchment, high-quality paper, silk, satin, muslin or linen; depending on your intended lamp shade style.

For a hardback lamp shade lining, you can opt for subtle or striking styles. Opaque materials offer a bold and reflective finish, such as a metallic gold fabric or paper. Alternatively, opting for classic cream or white colors, or even translucent, gives a more subdued finish for the overall light effect.


Caring For Your Lamp Shade

Due to the glues used in fusing the fabrics or papers to the lamp shade form, this lamp shade cannot be exposed to excessive amounts of water. The best method of cleaning a hardback lamp shade is to use a dry cloth or paint brush the surface gently to remove lint and dust.

Stains can be cautiously removed with a very slightly damp cloth; however, this should be done extremely carefully so as not to cause the material to ‘lift’ from the hard backing.



Oriental Lamp Shade Company: Specialists in Lamp Shades and Lighting

We have been creating bespoke lamp shades in New York for decades and have a great deal of experience in specialist lamp shade styles, including laminated hardback lamp shades, but also softback lamp shades, designer lamps, and light fittings. Do you have an unanswered question about new lamp shades or lighting for your home or work space? Drop into our store in New York, or call us today.



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