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7 Easy Styling Tips To Create French Provincial Style
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7 Easy Styling Tips To Create French Provincial Style

As move further into the warm summer weather and lighter months in the middle of the year, we look to light and breezy design styles that bridge the gap between indoors and out. French provincial style is perfect for creating a summer-inspired interior theme, with light colors and laid back textures. Inspired by the lavender fields, warm sun, and dappled sea in Southern France, provincial style brings a carefree feel indoors.

French provincial style is a mix of low and high-brow: inspired by homes during the French revolution that were decorated with stolen furniture items from wealthy houses and castles, resulting in a blend of luxury and pared-back style. It’s a theme which blends rustic elements with more lavish or ornate details, often using vintage style pieces with weathered finishes or patinas. The nature of this trend has made it timelessly popular with interior designers, as this style can be easily recreated in a variety of home settings and among other design themes.

Here are seven easy design tips for you to apply to create your own French Provincial style at home.


1. Color

Creams and off-whites are best for a neutral base, always with a warm tone. Inspired by the nature and landscape of Southern France, pale lavender, soft yellow, and sage green are also prevalent; a subtle hint to the colors found in French provincial flora.

French Provincial Style colors

2. Baroque Details

Historically, French provincial furniture was stolen from lavishly decorated, baroque period mansions, and so this theme also includes baroque-style ornate scrolls, cabriolet legs, and gilded finishes. French provincial style updates these carved furniture styles with a more rustic finish; think shabby-chic rather than a polished look. This interior theme embraces imperfections, making it feel more loved and lived-in.

baroque details french decor

Photo by Claude Weber/Interior Archive

3. Upholstery

Elements of French Provincial style furniture include plush quilting and button-back details. Choose fabrics that provide a soft aesthetic, and a more natural look – cotton, linens, and velvet will work particularly well.

french provincial style decor

4. Wrought Iron

Curved wrought iron is another common style in the French provincial theme. Often, lights are crafted using wrought-iron style frames, shaped into curves and intricate forms. Our Charles Alabaster and Bronze Pendant is perfect for a French provincial theme.

french provincial style decor chandelierPhoto Credits: Pinterest

5. Flooring

Opt for floors that have a natural aesthetic such as with wooden floorboards – parquetry laid in a herringbone pattern is distinctly and recognizably French, and adds a rustic element.

French Chandelier

Photo Credits: Pinterest

6. Antiqued Finishes

French provincial style is easily recognized by its inclusion of plenty of weather, distressed and antiqued finishes. A popular way to treat furniture is to create a stripped back, worn appearance by sanding away or peeling areas of old paint from the surface. Mirrors and brass often have a ‘foxed’ finish (mottled or dappled on the surface) and many items are often left unvarnished for a much-loved look and feel.

french provincial style decor


7. Chandeliers

Embracing the high-low theme of French provincial style chandeliers also appear in hallways, bedrooms, dining rooms and living areas. Also stolen from French mansions when this trend was born, chandeliers were thrown into the mix of rustic and extravagant. Our beautifully crafted Myrna Chandelier fits seamlessly in this theme as it also features curved scroll details - another feature of French provincial style.

French Provincial Style

Photo Credits: Pinterest


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