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10 Porcelain Table Lamps to Buy in 2021

10 Porcelain Table Lamps to Buy in 2021

Porcelain table lamps bring beauty, elegance, and functionality to a room. Ceramic and porcelain are much the same - both getting their start from kaolin clay. Porcelain is harder and more translucent as well as timeless. 

Are you looking to bring charm and elegance into your décor? Consider a couple of beautiful porcelain table lamps. 

When it comes to porcelain lamps, there's one for even the most discerning of designers. Keep reading for ten porcelain table lamps you'll want to make your own!

The History of Porcelain

Porcelain is a global material used in plates, tiles, teapots, and even dolls. The material came from China by way of Marco Polo. The Europeans prized this durable yet delicate material.

Later, a German alchemist, Johann Friedrich Böttger, discovered the recipe for porcelain himself.  

The young Böttger swore he could make gold from base metals only to find himself the prisoner of the Elector of Saxony. The Elector was hoping the young man would make him a rich man.

While Böttger never did turn metal into gold, he did succeed in making porcelain in 1709. Up until his discovery, Europeans imported their porcelain from China and Japan at a great cost. The discovery was revolutionary. 

Porcelain is still used today for beautiful table lamps.



  1. Chinoiserie Porcelain Table Lamp

Chinoiserie is a classic lamp that never goes out of style. The word chinoiserie hails from the French word Chinois. The word means Chinese and implies an Asian influence or taste.

The type of lamp didn't come from China. Rather, it was an Asian-inspired European design. 

Do you have an Asian-inspired theme in your home? You can't go wrong with a classic chinoiserie porcelain table lamp. They come in a variety of styles and colors. 

This is another great option if you're looking for floral table lamps. 

  1. Mid-Century Modern Porcelain Lamps

The Mid-Century Modern style is a little hard to define. It refers to the style, architecture, and design from the 1930s to about the mid-1960s. At the time, the style was modern and forward-thinking. 

The style embraces clean lines, flat roofs, and lots of big windows. It also features mesh chairs, steel, and sensuous curves. 

Mid-century modern isn't afraid of color either. If you love a pop of color with clean lines and geometric shapes, you'll love mid-century modern style lamps. 



  1. Art Deco Table Lamps

Art Deco is synonymous with the style of décor. The style is from the 1920s and comes from France. 

Art Deco embraces luxury with sumptuous golds and geometric designs. Is your style decorative with a modern slant? You'd love a geometric-shaped Art Deco lamp. 

  1. The Classic Jar Lamp

Are you looking for something a little more classic and traditional? How about a porcelain jar table lamp?

These classic beauties come in a plethora of colors and sizes. The nice thing about a jar lamp is how nicely it fills out a big space. 

Do you have a big living room with oversized furniture and end tables? A large jar lamp has the perfect proportions for this decorating scenario. 

  1. The Urn Lamp

Urns were traditionally for holding the ashes of the dead, but they're also a classic lamp shape. Far from their somber origins, they bring beauty and elegance to a room. An urn lamp is a similar but more refined table lamp compared to the classic jar lamp. 

  1. Sensual Curved Table Lamp

Some porcelain table lamps are so beautifully shaped they are works of art in themselves. You can even find lamps in the shape of a woman's body. 

A curved porcelain table lamp fits into many different home décor themes. They work well with both Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern styles.

Try putting a beautifully curved lamp on an end table next to the master bedroom bed. A sensually curved lamp also looks great adorning a bookcase. 

  1. A Pop of Color

One of the great things about porcelain table lamps is that they come in a variety of colors and sizes. Are you in need of a bright pop of color in a neutral-colored room? Try a lamp like this for a splash of sunshine. 

There are porcelain table lamps for every color preference from a traditional neutral to bright blue or yellow. 

  1. Funky and Fun

Are you looking for a special shape? You can find porcelain table lamps shaped like owls, cats, and dogs. You can even find a porcelain unicorn-shaped lamp!

When it comes to decorating your home, don't be afraid to express your unique style. Not everyone fits into a neat style box. Porcelain table lamps work for any theme, you only need to find the lamp that works best for you. 

  1. Minimalist Décor

Do you like a minimalist style? The colors in this style are pale and neutral. 

Minimalists like clean lines and simple shapes. The Minimalist style is similar in some ways to mid-century modern but with less color. There are also fewer pieces and most pieces serve a function. 

  1. Bohemian Style Lamps

The Bohemian Style is another eclectic style that doesn't adhere to any specific decorating rules. The only real rule is that the décor brings you joy. 

This style also embraces upcycling and recycling. That's where the porcelain table lamp fits in. A vintage porcelain lamp fits perfectly in a Bohemian-inspired room. 

Beautiful Porcelain Table Lamps

Porcelain table lamps come in so many shapes, colors, and styles. No matter your style preference, there's a lamp that works. 

With so much time spent at home due to the recent worldwide pandemic, don't you deserve a space you can love? Add some table lamps to your space for both beauty and functionality. 

Are you ready for some new table lamps to brighten up your space? We're here to help. Browse our extensive collection of porcelain table lamps or contact us for help today!

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