Nothing brings out the elegance in a room quite like a white lamp shade. No matter how the colors in the room contrast, the addition of a white lamp shade can morph the feel of a room from too cluttered, to simply elegant and bright. The best thing is that you don’t just have to get a plain white lamp shade if you don’t want that. However, if you are trying to limit the color lamp shade to only white, why not change the material or the shape of the lamp shade? It’s a fabulous option, and one that will give you a chance to explore different styles to contribute to the room décor without having to sacrifice your white lamp shade. First of all, consider the variety of shapes of lamp shades there are on the market, from drum lamp shade choices, to empire lamp shades, or even custom lamp shades. You also have fabric lamp shades, bell shaped shades, rectangular, or modern white lamp shades. The choices are simply endless. Until you’ve already looked into it, you may not be aware of all the NYC lamp shade choices available. The fact that you can get them in silk, paper or many other materials just makes the job of picking that much harder, but rewarding at the same time. One of the best ways to figure out what style of white lamp shade you want is to go online and look around. Check to see the style, shape, and color of light you want first, then go from there. After that, you can decide on the material you want the shade to be made out of. One of the most convenient ways to really line up the look of a shade is to print a picture out and place it on the older shade you currently have on your lamp. Look at it and see how it fits into the room, if you don’t like it, switch to another look you light better. Do this until you’ve figured out the right white lamp shade and buy it!