Have you ever wondered what is the best way to use a floor lamp is? If so, you aren’t alone. There are plenty of people out there who want to know if their torchiere floor lamps are being used properly or not. Two common points of concern are style of lamp being used as well as placement. After all, there are so many styles of floor lamps, and the one you currently have may not go well with the other décor in the room. Try a new style of lamp shade to mix up the look of your floor lamp. Is your room décor modern? Then match it with a modern floor lamp. Perhaps your room has a more classic style where a more elegant looking lamp shade, like a silk string lamp shade, would help your floor lamp fit in. Even a real bronze lamp could work in your room décor much better than just a plain old regular looking floor lamp. Determine the style you have in your room, then match your floor lamp and lamp shades to it. What about the placement of your lamp, though? Do you have it in a spot where when you turn it on, it will offer the most amount of light? Move it around, look for an area where it’s not only easy to get to and turn on, but where the light it gives off will light up the largest portion of the room. Maybe you’ll find that after you’ve done all that, it still just doesn’t feel right. Again, look at the various options of lampshades that are offered to change the look of your floor lamp. You will be shocked to find how much a nice looking rectangular lamp shade can change the overall look of not only your floor lamp, but the room. Try a few different things, and see what idea looks the best in your room.