There are many simple ways to save money in your home. While properly-kept, insulated windows are an example of a money-saving option, they can be costly. A simple, low cost solution is the use of energy saving lamps to help save money. They are not only a simple addition into your home that can save you quite a bit of money, but they are very stylish decorations as well. The light bulbs used in those energy saving lamps can last a longer time than a normal lightbulb because they require less energy. In the long run it’s able to save you a nice amount of money. Think about this: If you added in energy saving lamps to every room that you have a lamp in currently, just how much money that could add up to each month? Just because you choose an energy saving option for a lamp doesn’t mean you won’t get something that looks fabulous either. With choices like oval lampshades, mini chandelier shades, and even silk lampshades, you have many options to make your lamp look amazing, which will complement the overall room décor. Remember, adding in the energy saving light bulb to the lamp is even more savings to you. Did you know that the energy efficient choices not only save you in using less energy, but they also produce the same amount of light? For example, with a 24 W CFL light you’ll get the same light production as a 100W incandescent bulb. However, you’ll be saving as much as $20 a year on just one switch like that! Look for all the extra ways to save money in your home. Keep your heat or air at a level that isn’t too cold or too hot. Clean out vents, and use those energy saving lamps and light bulbs for even more savings!