Have you ever thought of adding black lamp shades to your lamp? Even though it might initially seem like it will be too gloomy, you’d be amazed at the stunning effect that will take place when you take this simple step. It’s something that will make the home more stunning, as well as bold and dramatic. Imagine, you can add all this character just by adding in a nice lamp shade that is black. A sophisticated look that makes the home look gorgeous, this trend is really hot right now. By doing a black and white look in the home you will be creating a look that is elegant, sleek, and modern. The colors black and white, while seemingly basic and simplistic, can be added into to a room for such a powerful, impressive, and contrasting look. They provide such a striking look that will add a different and very fascinating to your home. You can further the effect with some fabulous looking black and white photography hung on the walls. We understand why people might feel this look is too cold, but it really adds a particular brightness to the room. It is a look that is very striking, and if you’ve done it right by picking the best rectangular lamp shade, or another shape, you will have a look that is impressive. Also, if you want mix up the material of the black lamp shade, get a silk lamp shade in black. There are simply so many choices, and once it’s completed, you’ll get a chance to see just how beautiful this design choice can really be. Play around and find different styles of lampshades to try out with the black color. The choices are quite endless when it comes to adding in a black lamp shade. Play with the style and see what the stunning effect looks like in your home!