Creating a fantastic look to the inside of your home can be an adventure if it is approached properly. Many times, there is one simple thing missing, and with one small change you can make the difference between night and day. That missing link could very well be the addition of an accent table lamp to complete the décor. No matter what look you are trying to achieve, you have a variety of choices when it comes to style of table lamps and accompanying lamp shades. All too often it is forgotten that such a subtle change can make waves of difference in the character of your room decor. Some great ideas for an oriental room décor would be to add in some beautiful jade table lamps. It’s a look that is simply amazing, and will have anyone who walks into your home doing a double-take. After all, when you redecorate, aren’t you looking for other people to notice the new look? It’s not always about a simple change for you to see, but something that adds in a new feel to a room. Mix up the look by adding a paper lamp shade to that old lamp. Even if you haven’t bought a new lamp to go in the room, you can change the look very quickly with a replacement lamp shade. There are so many fabulous choices out there, like square lamp shades, or even a regular bell lampshade. Get creative when you are updating the look in your home. Go back to other rooms you’ve recently refinished and see how they look, and then think about adding in an accent table lamp to that room. You just never know until your try it!