How can you get the best results with your desk lamp? Are there certain ways you should place it? A certain lampshade you should use? A certain lightbulb? We hope to help you get the most out of the desk lamp you’ve purchased! Proper lighting is often something that is overlooked at both work and at home. Task lighting is the lighting that will offer you the right amount of light from your desk lamp so you can do whatever task is needed. The beam of light you get from the lamp should be directed into the right location or it’s not going to help you complete any of your work. Surprisingly enough, it’s not effective using the same amount of light that typically blankets the whole work environment. That is why a good desk lamp is a must to help you see clearest while writing, working on the computer, or any other task that you have to do while in your office. Those overhead lights that are in your office should be reduced to a decent level to offer you the right amount needed in order to view your monitor. Don’t worry, it won’t affect the overall production you put out, so long as you make use of a well-placed desk lamp. Of course, the fun part about choosing a desk lamp is finding one that fits your style. Perhaps a nice bronze lamp for your desk is something you’ll love. It adds in a nice elegance to the office, and so long as it is a desk lamp it will provide the right lighting for your work as well. Also consider an LED lamp as an energy efficient option, since it will be on a lot of the time. Additionally, the LED bulb will not get nearly as hot as any of the other lighting choices you used to use so often in the past. Pick a lamp that is large enough to provide the light you need, and, especially if you have a larger desk, get a lamp with an arm that you can move around.